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SharePoint 2013 Create Search Service Application With PowerShell

The wraps were taken off last week on SharePoint vNext aka SharePoint 2013 and Preview bits have been made available to download and play!

This is the first post on SharePoint 2013 Preview and he objective is to provision Search Service Application and Usage Service Health with PowerShell to ensure that we have Database Names without GUID, else you will have to put up with something like this under

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SharePoint 2010: Service Pack 1 Feature Recovering Site From Recycle Bin

Now that SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 is out… I wanted to share one of the features that is going to be much appreciated by SharePoint Administrators and Site Collection Administrators.

No more attaching backups of your content database and powershell to restore the deleted SharePoint site! Continue reading SharePoint 2010: Service Pack 1 Feature Recovering Site From Recycle Bin

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Attach VHD and boot OS in Hyper-V

Again this is a reference blog post that I am copying across from Ravi’s blog to have all steps in one place and more so for my own reference Smile on the web, just in case I lost my drives, laptop and skydrive was unavailable in future… Winking smile

This is continuing with method 2 to prepare environment for building a SharePoint 2010 Farm [Dev]  

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SharePoint 2010 Beta and Exchange 2010 VHD Download

Early this week (Monday), I had tweeted that SharePoint 2010 Beta and Exchange 2010 Download was available for Microsoft Partners – SDPS. If you are following me on http://twitter.com/alpesh you know about it! This download has now been made available for everyone.

To quote from the download page:


This download contains a two Virtual Machine set for evaluating and demonstrating Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.

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SharePoint Conference 2009: Recap

Wow! What a conference it has been. I am was at Las Vegas airport, returning back to Brisbane from Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009, when I started writing this post. It has taken me a while to get it done.

It has been a great conference with around 8000 people at the conference from over 43 countries! The main focus of this conference was the next version of SharePoint – 2010. It was finally showcased with the Beta2 build at the keynote and subsequent sessions. This post marks the beginning of a series of recap posts of my time at the conference, which far by was the best one I have attended till date.

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Outgoing email issue resolved


  • New SharePoint deployment.
  • Outsourced IT operations.


SharePoint alerts not working for users.


Outgoing email address is configured to support@serviceproviders.email. This mailbox is not configured on local SMTP server (Exchange 2003). Hence cannot send email via Exchange as open relay is turned off; as it should be.


Outgoing email address should be configured to local.user@mycompany.com -an active local mailbox. Test that you can access local.user mailbox either through Outlook Web Access or Outlook client.

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