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Applying WIM To VHD

This is a continuation of the series Re Imaging SharePoint VMs on the fly.

Now that you have captured your bootable virtual hard drive that was prepared for SharePoint Installation, you can apply that to another active partition or a virtual hard drive and then install whichever flavour of SharePoint you please!

As seen in the earlier post, capturing a virtual hard drive to create a Windows Image File is time consuming (compared to taking a snapshot in VMWare or Hyper-V) and memory intensive as well, however the advantage is that you can leverage on bare metal power – like having dual boot or multi-boot environment on your laptop.

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Attach VHD and boot OS in Hyper-V

Again this is a reference blog post that I am copying across from Ravi’s blog to have all steps in one place and more so for my own reference Smile on the web, just in case I lost my drives, laptop and skydrive was unavailable in future… Winking smile

This is continuing with method 2 to prepare environment for building a SharePoint 2010 Farm [Dev]  

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Create an Operating System VHD from DVD

As a follow up to the previous post, this method was blogged well before Microsoft released WIM2VHD and I still use this method to create Windows Server 2008 R2 VHD using either ISO mounted or the actual media.

To be honest, a vhd is being created right now using this method as I blog this! Smile Building a SharePoint farm in Hyper-V.. so you may want to follow the series…

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Create a bootable VHD

Yes, there are heaps of blog posts and resources out there on this topic and this blog post has been in draft mode for a long time! Early this week, I wanted to create a fresh virtual machine for a very specific requirement and could not use my master virtual machine that I have configured to a state, where I can install any flavour of SharePoint 2010 without having to go through the complete build process – I might squeeze in a blog post on what is configured in may master virtual machine later next …

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MOSS 2007 Infrastructure Updates

Microsoft have released Infrastructure Update for MOSS 2007.
The Infrastructure Update for Microsoft Office Servers (KB951297) includes several new Enterprise Search features for SharePoint Server 2007 and the latest performance updates and fixes for the Microsoft Office Servers listed in the system requirements section below.

Key updates for SharePoint Server 2007 include:

  • New Search features such as federated search and a unified search administration dashboard.
  • Several core fixes to Search to improve performance and scale.
  • Platform performance improvements and fixes.
  • Several core fixes to the publishing Content Deployment features to improve reliability.
Download 32 bit version | 64 bit version

The update will install properly if either of the following are true:

It is recommended that you install 2007 Office servers Service Pack 1 (SP1) and the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Infrastructure Update before you install this update.

Download the 32-bit version of the Windows SharePoint Services infrastructure update together with installation instructions and deployment strategies.

Download the 64-bit version of the Windows SharePoint Services infrastructure update together with installation instructions and deployment strategies.

MOSS Command Line Installation Round Up

I apologise for not getting this done earlier. This is the index of all the posts I did to install MOSS from command line. I am planning to create a pdf document for this, not this week though. If you are a SharePoint blogger and would like to advertise in the pdf, please contact me. I have learnt a lot along the way and this method is just indicative of how you can use command line to install and configure SQL and MOSS. I have used these in testing, development and production environments with modifications as needed. For our project requirements I had to find this kind of solution! I could not imagine installing 1300 standalone MOSS instances manually!

At that time, there wasn’t much available on the web, just bits and pieces. These days, you will find many. I am sure this will benefit many. On a side note, I will share some screenshots of the final installation package that has been done – later next week or thereafter.

We go to pilot next week! I will be on the road for 3 months…. maybe…

SQL Server 2005 and MOSS  Command Line Installation

1 Unattended SQL Server 2005 Installation

2 Configure MOSS using STSADM CLI

SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and MOSS  Command Line Installation

1 SQL Server 2005 Downloads for MOSS

2 SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Downloads for MOSS

3 SharePoint config.xml

4 Script to install MOSS with SQL Express

5 Howto configure sql express to allow remote connections

6 How to enable SQL Browser Service using a script

7 SharePoint: Config XML and PSConfig

8 SharePoint: Let PSConfig and STSADM setup your MOSS

Unattended SQL Server 2005 Installation

This is Part 2 of the 100% Scripted MOSS Installation. In Part 1 of the series, MOSS was installed on SQL SERVER 2005 Express edition. In this series, we will install SQL SERVER 2005 Enterprise Edition using a script, followed with a recap of installation of MOSS and then configuring MOSS using scripts. This will be a shorter journey, since we have seen various permutations in the earlier series.

I have used the instructions from MSDN to configure and install SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition.

start /wait C:\BUILD\Packages\MOSS\SQL2005\Servers\setup.exe /qb ADDLOCAL=Client_Components,Connectivity,SQL_Documentation,SQL_Tools90

start /wait C:\BUILD\Packages\MOSS\SQL2005\Servers\setup.exe /qb INSTANCENAME=MOSS2007 ADDLOCAL=SQL_Engine SAPWD=password SQLACCOUNT=domain\sqlserviceaccount SQLPASSWORD=password AGTACCOUNT=domain\sqlserviceaccount AGTPASSWORD=password SQLBROWSERACCOUNT=domain\sqlserviceaccount SQLBROWSERPASSWORD=password SECURITYMODE=SQL

As in earlier series, application installation packages are in

C:\Build\Packages\MOSS\ and copy your SQL SERVER 2005 CD to


Then apply Service Packs

start /wait C:\BUILD\Packages\MOSS\SQLSERVER2005SP1-KB913090-x86-ENU.exe /allinstances /quiet

start /wait C:\BUILD\Packages\MOSS\SQLSERVER2005SP2-KB921896-x86-ENU.exe /allinstances /quiet

/allinstances /quiet applies service pack to all instances quietly

You can download the scripts from my sky drive

For further customized options you can refer to MSDN Article here.

Next recap of MOSS Installation.