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Remove SharePoint 2010 Social Tags Ribbon Control

In recent weeks, SharePoint 2010 deployments have kicked off and I am collecting as much information as possible and will be sharing them here as time permits.

Just saw this on the MSDN Forums today and I think this one ‘trick’ I must make a note of such, just in case.

This is an unusual request, but a valid one, since I strongly believe and advise (since SharePoint 2007 days – geez sounds antiquated!) that social aspects aka My Sites should be the last thing to be switched on in a SharePoint roll out… especially when the organisation and IW’s are just embarking on their SharePoint journey. That’s my opinion based on my experience here.

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How To: Change the MOSS Site Port to Port 80

My solution on Social TechNet Forum.



MOSS 2007 site setup using port 2000, so the URL looked like http://justsharepoint.com:2000

Having such a URL is not a great idea, especially when you have to type in the port number 2000! Why can’t we simply type in http://justsharepoint.com and be done with!!

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MOSS 2007 Infrastructure Updates

Microsoft have released Infrastructure Update for MOSS 2007. The Infrastructure Update for Microsoft Office Servers (KB951297) includes several new Enterprise Search features for SharePoint Server 2007 and the latest performance updates and fixes for the Microsoft Office Servers listed in the system requirements section below.

Key updates for SharePoint Server 2007 include:

  • New Search features such as federated search and a unified search administration dashboard.
  • Several core fixes to Search to improve performance and scale.
  • Platform performance improvements and fixes.
  • Several core fixes to the publishing Content Deployment features to improve reliability.
Download 32 bit version | 64 bit version

The update will install properly if either of the following are true:

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