Move SharePoint 2010 Site Collection To Another Database

I have seen this question pop-up in the forums and I think I also got an email from one of my blog readers asking how they can move a site collection from one database to another database.

This can be done via SharePoint 2010 Management Shell [aka PowerShell] and this is what you need to do.

Remove SharePoint 2010 Social Tags Ribbon Control

In recent weeks, SharePoint 2010 deployments have kicked off and I am collecting as much information as possible and will be sharing them here as time permits.

Just saw this on the MSDN Forums today and I think this one ‘trick’ I must make a note of such, just in case.

This is an unusual request, but a valid one, since I strongly believe and advise (since SharePoint 2007 days – geez sounds antiquated!) that social aspects aka My Sites should be the last thing to be switched on in a SharePoint roll out… especially when the organisation and IW’s are just embarking on their SharePoint journey. That’s my opinion based on my experience here.

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Tip: Recycle IIS Application Pool

As a developer, quite often you may have to recycle the application pool. IISReset is an option, alternatively you can just recycle a particular application pool.

Denny has a tip to just get this done!

cscript c:windowssystem32iisapp.vbs /a “[App_Pool_Name]” /r