Delete SharePoint 2010 Search Service Application

This post has been in draft since last 2 years and would probably not see the light of the day if it had not been for me having to delete the SharePoint 2010 Search Service Application couple of times recently using this technique…

I have had this “consistent” experience of not being able to delete the Search Service Applicaiton from Central Administration

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Migrating from BPOS Mailbox to Office 365

What a pain! (Kind of, till I found out why the pain and how to work around that)

I was using Microsoft BPOS since last couple of months for some of my active domains with limited users and last month, I planned to move them over to Office 365.

Microsoft have a BPOS to Office 365 transition web site, which is pretty useless. Useless since it does not have any tools or guidance that I could use to make a smooth transition. Thankfully I hadn’t started using SharePoint in BPOS, so migrating data from BPOS (SharePoint) to Office 365 (SharePoint) is one less headache to take care of… very glad, given the pain I went through to migrate from BPOS to Office 365 for 3 users mailbox and behind the scenes with DNS, etc.

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PowerShell Script To Change Managed Account Password

Of all days in the week, on Sunday [August 21, 2011] I decided to tease my SharePoint 2010 development environment! I decided to change all the SharePoint 2010 Service Account(s)password.

Thank you Microsoft for introducing the managed accounts, else I would be clicking away for a long time, having to go through each application pool to change the password (map this scenario to MOSS 2007 or WSSv3). With managed accounts associated with application pools, it was a matter of changing the password for the managed account and it would ‘cascade’ down…

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Microsoft Tech.Ed India 2011 Session Videos Available

This year in March, 2011 I presented two sessions at Microsoft Tech.Ed India 2011 Edition in Bangalore and it was a great to connect with the Indian Tech Community! You can read more about my experience at Microsoft Tech.Ed India 2011 here and I had shared my conference slides here.

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