NEW Sharepoint Newgroups

VIA Andreww Connell

New newsgroups are being added to the NNTP server for
SharePoint. You can use these for the next version of CMS, Web Content
Management (WCM), since it’s part of the next Office SharePoint Server 2007
release (MOSS), even Beta 2 questions!

  • microsoft.public.sharepoint.general
  • microsoft.public.sharepoint.setup_and_administration
  • microsoft.public.sharepoint.design_and_customization
  • microsoft.public.sharepoint.development_and_programming
  • microsoft.public.sharepoint.server.excel_services
  • microsoft.public.sharepoint.server.forms_services

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SQL 2005: Slow

If you have SQL 2005 then you would have noticed that SQL Management Studio takes a long time to launch.
This is because, as is the best practice, its likely that your server is not connected to the internet and SQL MS is trying to check the internet connectivity!
You need to do this reg hack!

*At your risk*!!!


Providers\Software Publishing]

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