Hello World!!!

It’s about time I picked up on my blogging, conference speaking and the community engagement. Last year and half, I haven’t been very active for many reasons – these are not excuses, but it’s just that I had to get my priorities sorted.

First off – last year I joined Avanade Australia in the Brisbane office as a Senior SharePoint Consultant and my priority at the time was to settle down in the company.

Around the same time, my wife’s research confirmation was completed and she was ramping up to start her Masters by Research. I was hoping to help her, but the next paragraph should explain…

To add to this mix – I got assigned to some awesome interstate projects – that translated to FIFO (fly in fly out) every week for close to 6 months! Geez…. I did try to blog initially, but could not keep up and if you are a subscriber of my blog, then you would have noticed some sporadic blog posts dribble through. I barely got time to spend with my family and all my blog notes remained just that in draft mode.

I must admit, I have not been active on the blog and have few comments to approve – and those comments need to be answered. I certainly will do.

I am humbled when clients and folks in the SharePoint space recognise me because of my blog.  On the note of recognition, I would like to clarify that I am not a Microsoft SharePoint MVP – there’s some misconception around that, especially since a lot of people have listed my name in their SharePoint MVP lists, etc. Again, am very humbled by this recognition and I try to contact the concerned person and request them to make amends. Thank you for your recognition and support.

Now with the release of SharePoint 2013 Preview, you can certainly expect more of blogging and community engagement from me. First change you will notice on the blog is that I have switched to a responsive theme – clean and simple.

Stay tuned via RSS or Email Subscription.