Client for Cloud Storage

I have been evaluating Windows Azure [CDN – Images on this blog] and Amazon Glacier for storage and I will most likely end up using both for

  1. VHD to spin up environments on the fly in Azure (need to try this and for that I must get the VHD up in Azure Blobs)
  2. Cheaper Storage of Data – Glacier is definitely cheap at $0.01 per GB / month

Now with multiple “cloud” storage accounts – you need one client, irrespective of the storage provider you use. For me it’s the CloudBerry S3 Backup Enterprise Edition (since I can have unlimited network locations backed up)

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Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference


You are invited to the biggest SharePoint event of the year!

Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference
Tuesday October 26 2010 – Wednesday October 27, 2010
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore

**** Early Bird Discount for first 275 Registrations***


InfoPath Data Field Removes Zero


Data Type for Field is Whole Number (integer)


Client enters number starting with zero. On moving to next field, zero is removed from the number!




Open the text box properties in the design view of the form.


Select Format, next to the Data Type (which should be Whole Number (integer))


Change the Format from Number to None (display XML value)

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links for 2009-04-28

  • The only problem with URL shortening services is that most of them don’t have a solid business model yet so if they decide to shut shop in future, all your existing short links will become broken or point to non-existent 404 pages.
    To prevent yourself from running into such a situation, you can consider setting up your own URL shortening service that will run on your own domain (or web server) and the short URLs will therefore resolve throughout the lifespan of your site.
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  • List of all 2007 Office system Service Pack 2 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 2 packages

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QuickOffice for iPhone

The much awaited “QuickOffice” has been released for iPhone and it is now available for download via iTunes app store. It’s been said that it is the first iPhone application to enable powerful editing of Microsoft Word Documents and Excel spreadsheets .

In addition to the regular office tools it also includes file sharing and content management capabilities. QuickOffice features some additional functionalities such as emailing and drag and drop which will be available as a free update to customers in the coming weeks.

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