PowerShell Script To Change Managed Account Password

Of all days in the week, on Sunday [August 21, 2011] I decided to tease my SharePoint 2010 development environment! I decided to change all the SharePoint 2010 Service Account(s)password.

Thank you Microsoft for introducing the managed accounts, else I would be clicking away for a long time, having to go through each application pool to change the password (map this scenario to MOSS 2007 or WSSv3). With managed accounts associated with application pools, it was a matter of changing the password for the managed account and it would ‘cascade’ down…

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How To Create SharePoint 2010 Site Collection In Its Own DB

Early this week on site deploying SharePoint 2010, the client wanted to create few site collections for their development team. He tried to create using the Central Administration and could not see any options for creating SharePoint site collections in their own databases!

Well, that’s not news to all of us in the SharePoint World! Is it?

Help! Farm Admin cannot execute cmdlets in SP 2010 Management Shell

In order to execute farm level cmdlets in SharePoint Management Shell you will need to be given Shell Admin access. Even if you are a farm administrator and you have not been given Shell Admin Access, then you won’t be able to execute farm administrative operation using PowerShell. There are lots of operations that you cannot do via the Central Administration GUI and for which you will require Shell Admin Access.

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PowerShell To List Site Template

SharePoint 2010 Management Shell makes it easier to get a list of Site Templates installed in the farm and also creating sites using the names is straight forward.

To get a list of all globally installed site templates use the following PowerShell cmdlet



To get the basic information about all the STS template, use the following PowerShell cmdlet

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