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Jan 26 – Whats so special?

For me and the Aussies – ITs Australia Day! Oye! Oye! Oye! Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! Happy Australia Day mate!

For me and the Indians – ITs Indian Republic Day. Happy Indian Republic day! Jai Hind!

For me, my wife and my son – Aussie Anniversary – We naturalised as Australians on this day in 2006. So every year on this day its triple celebration!

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Google services – part 2

Continuing from my earlier post on Google services, I look at how another Google Labs product has helped me in my ITsphere.

Before I got hooked on to Google Reader, I had tried many rss feed readers / aggregators. This post tracks my path to the final destination.

I would like to highlight the fact that I have not been into blogosphere for long. It’s less then a year *grins*

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Exchange push mail and gprs… must read

Its been almost a week, since I have been back.

Quick stats:

  • Skimmed through hundreds of feed items in Google Reader. Yes skimmed. Why? Read on
  • Read through 15 work emails – what 15?!!!

Yeah, you are right! I was on top of emails, thanks to HP iPaq 6300 series, Exchange 2003 SP2 – Push Email and last but not least – probably- cheapest gprs connectivity in the world.

You know how much it cost me? Wanna make a guess? 1…2…3… Ok, have you come up with an answer? Honestly email me or comment your answer. Would love to read it!! Come on…

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