Jan 26 – Whats so special?

For me and the Aussies – ITs Australia Day! Oye! Oye! Oye! Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! Happy Australia Day mate!

For me and the Indians – ITs Indian Republic Day. Happy Indian Republic day! Jai Hind!

For me, my wife and my son – Aussie Anniversary – We naturalised as Australians on this day in 2006. So every year on this day its triple celebration!

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India! India! India! India!

Good on you guys! Well done! Congrats! It’s been worth staying up until 0120 hours!

Well done! Off I am to bed now 🙂 Gotta go to work at 0700 hours!

image Congrats again! You deserve the ICC 20-20 World Cup!

Happy Independence Day

Fellow Indian readers and visitors – wish you all Happy Independence Day for India.

Just as you all have a day off, so do I living here in Brisbane, where we have Show Holiday. Just visit Ekka Website to know more.

Jai Hind!

Windows Live SkyDrive

Is here! Code named Windows Live Folder, Windows Live SkyDrive has been announced officially.


If you didn’t know, you had to be in U.S to be able to get Windows Live Folders (which you could easily be in by changing the regional settings 😉 )

imageHowever, the good news is that it has been made available for India and U.K. Wow that’s cool.

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