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Delete SharePoint 2010 Search Service Application

This post has been in draft since last 2 years and would probably not see the light of the day if it had not been for me having to delete the SharePoint 2010 Search Service Application couple of times recently using this technique…

I have had this “consistent” experience of not being able to delete the Search Service Applicaiton from Central Administration

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Applying WIM To VHD

This is a continuation of the series Re Imaging SharePoint VMs on the fly.

Now that you have captured your bootable virtual hard drive that was prepared for SharePoint Installation, you can apply that to another active partition or a virtual hard drive and then install whichever flavour of SharePoint you please!

As seen in the earlier post, capturing a virtual hard drive to create a Windows Image File is time consuming (compared to taking a snapshot in VMWare or Hyper-V) and memory intensive as well, however the advantage is that you can leverage on bare metal power – like having dual boot or multi-boot environment on your laptop.

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How To Change Inbound Email Domain In SharePoint

This is an interesting one and when I saw the answer to this question in the MSDN forums, I knew that is worth referring to on my blog.

This was the question:

When a list in SharePoint 2010 has inbound email setup, for example, it would be: MyList@sp2010.domain.local (sp2010 is the name of the SharePoint server, domain.local is the local domain).

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Move SharePoint 2010 Site Collection To Another Database

I have seen this question pop-up in the forums and I think I also got an email from one of my blog readers asking how they can move a site collection from one database to another database.

This can be done via SharePoint 2010 Management Shell [aka PowerShell] and this is what you need to do.

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Attach VHD and boot OS in Hyper-V

Again this is a reference blog post that I am copying across from Ravi’s blog to have all steps in one place and more so for my own reference Smile on the web, just in case I lost my drives, laptop and skydrive was unavailable in future… Winking smile

This is continuing with method 2 to prepare environment for building a SharePoint 2010 Farm [Dev]  

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Create an Operating System VHD from DVD

As a follow up to the previous post, this method was blogged well before Microsoft released WIM2VHD and I still use this method to create Windows Server 2008 R2 VHD using either ISO mounted or the actual media.

To be honest, a vhd is being created right now using this method as I blog this! Smile Building a SharePoint farm in Hyper-V.. so you may want to follow the series…

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