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Hello World!!!

It’s about time I picked up on my blogging, conference speaking and the community engagement. Last year and half, I haven’t been very active for many reasons – these are not excuses, but it’s just that I had to get my priorities sorted.

First off – last year I joined Avanade Australia in the Brisbane office as a Senior SharePoint Consultant and my priority at the time was to settle down in the company.

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SharePoint Book Giveaway #1

Hey All!

Back in June I kind of re-launched this blog and had promised to giveaway a book back then! Duh! Never happened… no excuses…. I just could not do it….

So here I am again Smile

I am going to be giving away a book by way of draw on September 15 2010. This will be a SharePoint 2010 book for sure! All I ask of you to make it easier for me to draw your name is sign up for the newsletter here – that’s it!

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Social Media Fallout

Hola! I seemed to have disappeared! Well, to be honest I am very active on the Social Network (Twitter, Facebook) interacting with friends and followers and sharing links and resources. However, I have come to realize that not everyone is on Twitter just yet, similar to not everyone subscribe to/read RSS Feeds just like people were not into email newsletters or rather emails few years ago.

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Bangalore SharePoint Ignite

At the time of writing this post day 4 of Bangalore Ignite had concluded and I had finished writing some PowerShell posts. These will go live in the days to come, when I will be on holidays with my family.

Earlier this week I had indicated on twitter, that Ignite training is not under NDA and it was great to share the information with everyone. Having said that I started taking notes and some intermittent tweets went out, however there was an information overload (for good) that I ended up with shorthand notes that I only can understand! I am hoping that I will remember these when I start compiling them and publish them early next year (given that this is the last month of the year and I am going to be on holidays).

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SharePoint Conference 2009: Recap

Wow! What a conference it has been. I am was at Las Vegas airport, returning back to Brisbane from Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009, when I started writing this post. It has taken me a while to get it done.

It has been a great conference with around 8000 people at the conference from over 43 countries! The main focus of this conference was the next version of SharePoint – 2010. It was finally showcased with the Beta2 build at the keynote and subsequent sessions. This post marks the beginning of a series of recap posts of my time at the conference, which far by was the best one I have attended till date.

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Blog Posting Hiccups

Last night I could not post on this blog using Windows Live Writer. Now trying to post using ScribeFire.

Initially I could not post using ScribeFire either. So I did the same hack to .htaccess file as blogged earlier.

I can now post using ScribeFire. Tonight will check if WLW works 🙂

Once this issue is sorted, I will start posting Office 2010 Technical Preview posts. Stay tuned.

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Blog Hiccups!

If you experienced issues viewing this blog today, I did too! Infact, I could not access my admin pages!

Error in Firefox

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete

Error in IE7

Site timed out

What happened overnight? It was working well until last night! Duh!


  1. Download .htaccess file
  2. Removed this extra code,
  3. Removed
  1. Options +FollowSymlinks
  2. Options +Indexes 
  3. Options +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch

All good now!

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