Delete SharePoint 2010 Search Service Application

This post has been in draft since last 2 years and would probably not see the light of the day if it had not been for me having to delete the SharePoint 2010 Search Service Application couple of times recently using this technique…

I have had this “consistent” experience of not being able to delete the Search Service Applicaiton from Central Administration

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Datasheet View Does Not Work in SharePoint 2010

This is a known and personally experienced issue (Tech Preview and Beta Builds as well) with Datasheet View not working in SharePoint if you have Office 2010×64 clients installed on your workstation.

Again this is one of the FAQ on the MSDN Forums and today I saw the solution posted on the thread, so comes this post for my reference and in case you experience this, then you know what is the solution to the issue.

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Links to get you familiar with Office 2010

Office 2010 Technical Preview was officially released this week at WPC and tweeps (people on twitter) have been sharing their news, experience, new features, etc already. You can keep up with the latest buzz using BingTweets.

I have compiled a small list to get started with Office 2010! I would recommend adding all Microsoft related blogs to your RSS reader and if you are on twitter, follow

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Office 2010 Technical Preview: Outlook 2010 Ribbon

If you have been using Outlook 2007 and have never had performance issues with, you are lucky. Period.

Outlook 2007 was and probably is the most chastised of the Office 2007 suite of products today. Outlook 2007 took a hit with performance.

Despite having released numerous hot fixes and service packs, Outlook 2007 has not won many laurels. Time will tell if Outlook 2010 will outperform Outlook 2007 in the performance department!!

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Welcome Ribbon to SharePoint Designer 2010

2010 is the year of the Ribbon ๐Ÿ™‚ Ribbon has been introduced in

  • InfoPath Designer,
  • InfoPath Editor,
  • Outlook,
  • SharePoint Designer
  • One Note
  • SharePoint Workspace

Yes, the ribbon has made itโ€™s way into SharePoint Designer 2010 (technical preview at the time of writing).

In this post you will see basic SPD2010 walk through.

This is the initial start up screen when you launch SPD 2010. This is your launch pad to



First two options are kind of obvious at the moment. I am unable to use them though :).

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