Client for Cloud Storage

I have been evaluating Windows Azure [CDN – Images on this blog] and Amazon Glacier for storage and I will most likely end up using both for

  1. VHD to spin up environments on the fly in Azure (need to try this and for that I must get the VHD up in Azure Blobs)
  2. Cheaper Storage of Data – Glacier is definitely cheap at $0.01 per GB / month

Now with multiple “cloud” storage accounts – you need one client, irrespective of the storage provider you use. For me it’s the CloudBerry S3 Backup Enterprise Edition (since I can have unlimited network locations backed up)

Top 5 Features for me:

  1. Virtual Disk – My Cloud Storage mounted as a local drive VirtualDisk
  2. Real-time Backup – Sync data, since Live Mesh is no more Real-Time
  3. Encryption – All data except SharePoint Virtual Machines Encrypt
  4. Compression – SharePoint Virtual Machines Backed Up Compress
  5. Multiple Cloud Storage Support – Azure, and Amazon Glacier it is for meStorageAccounts

Check them out and see which edition is right for you.

SharePoint 2013 Additional Pre-requisites

Per my previous blog post – Search Admin Component Not Running, it was noted that that for the search admin component to run, you would need at least 3 additional hot fixes &  if that didn’t work running a windows update and installing all the missing updates would certainly fix the Search Admin Component Not Running issue.

Todd Klindt also has blogged about the 3 missing pre-requisites in his blog post.

Interesting discussion in the forum (link at the end) – what if you cannot connect the server to the internet to download all the updates? What if you didn’t want to install all the updates but only the required updated? At the time of writing this post, no specific information was available from Microsoft on the specific update required for SharePoint 2013 Preview Search Administration Component to work, except that you run Windows Updates and download everything. One of the forum participant has now identified which update is required to fix this issue.

I can confirm that Search Admin Component is working fine after I installed the 4 hot fixes. I have not tried to install the hot fix after provisioning the Search Service Application with PowerShell, instead I installed the 4 hot fixes before configuring the SharePoint 2013 PREVIEW farm.

KB 2554876 – The SharePoint parsing process crashes in Windows Server 2008 R2 | Direct Link

KB 2708075 – FIX: IIS 7.5 configurations are not updated when you use the ServerManager class to commit configuration changes | Direct Link

KB 2472264 – You cannot customize some TCP configurations by using the netsh command in Windows Server 2008 R2 | Direct Link

KB2567680 – Security Update for Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 Edition


  1. Todd Klindt’s Blog Post – The Forgotten SharePoint 2013 Prerequisites [ re links to 3 Hot Fixes ]
  2. Forum Post

SharePoint 2013 Search Admin Component Not Running

After provisioning the SharePoint 2013 Server Preview – Search Service Application – from the Central Administration, I see this error on the Search Administration in the Search Application Topology Section


I had used correct accounts, databases were created, Search related services were running on the server – no go!

Then I deleted the Search Service Application and used the Farm Configuration Wizard – same result.

Fix / Steps

  1. Check if the Usage and Health Service Proxy is working. If not, start it.  This PowerShell Script creates a new Usage and Health Service Application and starts the Usage and Health Service Proxy (Usage and Health Service Proxy Script)
  2. Check – if it still does not work, move to the next step
  3. Delete all service applications
  4. Delete all web applications
  5. Remove the server from the farm
  6. Deleted the configdb and admindb
  7. Install the 3 Hot Fixes as referenced here in Step 6. You need to install 4 Hot Fixes as listed in this blog post. These need to be run after the SharePoint Pre-Requisites have been installed.
  8. Provision SharePoint 2013 Preview Server Configuration Wizard or use PowerShell to provision the farm
  9. Create Search Service Application & Usage and Health Service Application (SharePoint 2013 Usage and Search Service Application Script)
  10. Check – if it still does not work, repeat Steps 3 to 6 and then move to Step 11
  11. Connect VM to the internet (if not connected)
  12. Run Windows Update on the SharePoint 2013 Preview Server
  13. Provision SharePoint 2013 Preview Server Configuration Wizard or use PowerShell to provision the farm
  14. Create Search Service Application & Usage and Health Service Application (SharePoint 2013 Usage and Search Service Application Script)

This is the end result


You may also be interested in my PowerShell Script to provision SharePoint 2013 (Preview) Search Service Application and you will get clean database names as you see in the picture above.

Reference – Forum Post

SharePoint 2013 Create Search Service Application With PowerShell

The wraps were taken off last week on SharePoint vNext aka SharePoint 2013 and Preview bits have been made available to download and play!

This is the first post on SharePoint 2013 Preview and he objective is to provision Search Service Application and Usage Service Health with PowerShell to ensure that we have Database Names without GUID, else you will have to put up with something like this under


So effectively the picture above with Database Names and GUID is courtesy of the Central Administration GUI and New Service Application method.

You could create the Search Service Application using Central Administration and then make changes to the topology, but you cannot do that through Central Administration, you will have to fall back to PowerShell for that. So why not use PowerShell to create it for you!

This script is not to modify Search Application Topology, it is to create Search Service Application  with a single server in the Search Application Topology. In this script I am also creating Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application.

This script is for SharePoint 2013 Preview Edition

This script has been tested and feedback from Max Melcher incorporated. Thanks Max.

Additional testing and feedback appreciated. I am not a Windows PowerShell expert and hence if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

You can also see the output of the scripts in the file, which verifies that the script has run without errors and Search Service Application and Usage and Health Data Collection Service has been provisioned.

As seen in the picture we know have Search Application Topology with a single server and SharePoint Search Databases without  GUIDs 


SharePoint 2013 Usage and Search Service Application Script | OutPut File

SharePoint Saturday India–Online Edition 2012

Folks, SharePoint Saturday India Online Edition is on August 4, 2012. Make a note of this in your calendar and register for the event.

We have an awesome line up of speakers presenting from all over the world – Americas, UK, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Check out the SharePoint Saturday India Online site for speakers and the sessions for the day.

Register here and come along (virtually) on that day to join the presenters via Microsoft Lync.

Hello World!!!

It’s about time I picked up on my blogging, conference speaking and the community engagement. Last year and half, I haven’t been very active for many reasons – these are not excuses, but it’s just that I had to get my priorities sorted.

First off – last year I joined Avanade Australia in the Brisbane office as a Senior SharePoint Consultant and my priority at the time was to settle down in the company.

Around the same time, my wife’s research confirmation was completed and she was ramping up to start her Masters by Research. I was hoping to help her, but the next paragraph should explain…

To add to this mix – I got assigned to some awesome interstate projects – that translated to FIFO (fly in fly out) every week for close to 6 months! Geez…. I did try to blog initially, but could not keep up and if you are a subscriber of my blog, then you would have noticed some sporadic blog posts dribble through. I barely got time to spend with my family and all my blog notes remained just that in draft mode.

I must admit, I have not been active on the blog and have few comments to approve – and those comments need to be answered. I certainly will do.

I am humbled when clients and folks in the SharePoint space recognise me because of my blog.  On the note of recognition, I would like to clarify that I am not a Microsoft SharePoint MVP – there’s some misconception around that, especially since a lot of people have listed my name in their SharePoint MVP lists, etc. Again, am very humbled by this recognition and I try to contact the concerned person and request them to make amends. Thank you for your recognition and support.

Now with the release of SharePoint 2013 Preview, you can certainly expect more of blogging and community engagement from me. First change you will notice on the blog is that I have switched to a responsive theme – clean and simple.

Stay tuned via RSS or Email Subscription.